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What's this all about and how is Swiss Re involved?

Swiss Re Foundation and Aiducation International, together with Swiss Re staff have joined hands in organizing Swiss Re Start Up Academies, in which upcoming entrepreneurs from Aiducation's talent pool receive a one week state-of-the-art start-up training. This page gives prospective donors the chance to contribute to the funding of the most promising start-ups from Start Up Academies and to nurture Aiducation's talent pool by awarding scholarships to bright and needy students.
Aiducation International is a for-impact organization dedicated to awarding high school scholarships to bright and motivated but underprivileged young people in developing countries so that they can drive themselves and their countries forward. Find out more...

Background Information Swiss Re Start Up Academies

Swiss Re Start Up Academies are building people and nations

Swiss Re Start Up Academies are unique 5 day workshops in Kenya: young, eager, talented, and entrepreneurial Kenyans, who received high school scholarships from Aiducation team up to turn their business ideas into start-up ventures ready to take off. Each team receives tailored support from an exceptional mixture of speakers and mentors comprised of Kenyan entrepreneurs and international Swiss Re staff. Thereby the Swiss Re Start Up Academy helps students develop outstanding business opportunities with the potential to create jobs and build a better Kenya. Read our Blog Story for more on the Swiss Re Start Up Academy.
"I had problems paying my school fees, but after getting my scholarship I was able to fully concentrate on my studies and succeed."
David Charo, AiduAlumnus
Get a direct impression of a Swiss Re Start Up Academy and enjoy
the official Swiss Re Start Up Academy video.  

Support the Start Up Fund

The most promising start-up ideas explored during the Start Up Academies are outstanding business opportunities that deserve funding. With the Start Up Fund we have created a tool through which you can help fund these young entrepreneurs and thereby support Kenya's future development.
How does it work?
You can donate via paypal (including credit card) or bank transfer to the bank accounts of the Aiducation chapters listed below. All incoming donations will be pooled and Board of Advisors (BOA) will allocate the funds to selected start-ups from the AiduAlumni community. The BOA will be governed by a strict code of conduct and pre-agreed constitution. Successful start-ups must pay back the funds received so that other business ventures can be financed, thereby making this fund revolving. Stay tuned to our blog to see some of the Start Up Fund's success stories.
Please keep in mind that you are donating to a philanthropic cause and thus cannot financially benefit from it in any way or be repaid.
See in which startups we are invested and follow their monthly updates:
Structure of the Startup Fund: Incoming funds from donors
are pooled and distributed to selected start-ups.

Award a scholarship and nurture the talent pool for future swiss re start up academies

Choose a student you wish to support from a pool of high-potential applicants, select your AiduFellow here.
  1. Follow your AiduFellow's progress by receiving annual reports shwoing your student’s performance at school.
  2. It only costs one coffee a day! Each scholarship costs CHF 800 (€ 700, £ 600, or US$ 900) per year for four years. Fees are payable in annual installments or as a lump sum.
“Work hard so that you may achieve your goals and become somebody who can help others”
Ibrahim M., the future engineer who will build dams and better roads for Kenya, current applicant

AiduFellow Mary in an interview speaking about how the scholarship
is impacting her life.