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David C., The Eager Engineer

“I have been working extra-ordinary hard so that I ensure that I get to my ambitions.”
Thanks to the "Ulrike-Klostermeyer-Stipendium", David has now successfully completed school.
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David is a 26 year old boy from Kaloleni, Kenya.

About David

David from Kaloleni, Kenya, aims at becoming an electronical engineer.
In addition to that he wants to open orphanages and help women and the youths. He dreams of winning the nobel peace prize for his social work.

In his leisure time, he enoys playing volleyball and reading books. his favourite subjects are Mathematics, Languages, and the Sciences.

He belonged to the top 3% of his year at primary school.

In 2011, David graduated from secondary school with an A- and became the best student in Kilifi County. This special achievement was also mentioned in the media (see the newspaper article in the left box “Progress Reports”).

Since January 2013, David is studying Electronical Engineering in Nairobi.

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