Our clear focus on sustainable impact and newly launched goal to empower 1'000 Young Entrepreneurs have allowed us to take the lead.
In 2006 we started with a simple goal. We wanted to help students who were dropping out before
secondary school in Kenya because they couldn’t afford the school fees. As part of Aiducation
International, we have awarded hundreds of scholarships for students to attend four years of secondary
boarding school. We work closely with the teachers, schools, and community to ensure the applicants we accept are students performing in the top 10% of their class who need funding for school fees.

We are careful to make sure this is the case. We review how the students perform in class and the standardized KCPE test. We interview students and make home visits to assess their financial need. We have created profiles for 2000+ AiduSeekers who are eager to learn and we can say that every one of them deserves support. Once AiduSeekers are awarded scholarships and become AiduFellows, we monitor their performance and maintain a close relationship with their boarding schools. We host Mentorship Academies where Aiducators from many countries teach our AiduFellows about becoming professionals, building careers, and giving back to their communities. Workshops on topics such as gender equality, economic development, and sustainability help AiduFellows take the initiative.

Our Kenyan team currently has six members. We would like to introduce some leaders from our Chapter, listed below.

Aiducation International Kenya




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