Founded in September 2009, our UK Chapter of Aiducation International is working hard to raise
donations for scholarships. We have official charity status in the UK and in our first year we raised
more than 25 scholarships to cover the fees students must pay for four years of high school in Kenya.

Every member of our team is a volunteer and doesn’t receive a salary from Aiducation and this makes it possible for us to pass on at least 90% of your donation directly to the students. Our dedicated volunteers are primarily located in Cambridge and London but we are expanding into more regions. Contact us today if you would like to join our team or make a donation.

The UK team currently consists of 17 volunteers in Cambridge and London. Listed below are the most active members

Aiducation International UK

Aiducation International UK
Cambridge Judge Business School
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG
United Kingdom

Bank Information:
Name: Aiducation Cambridge Chapter
Sort Code: 20-17-19
Konto-Nr.: 63809129
IBAN: GB39BARC20171963809129
Papierformular: GB39 BARC 2017 1963 8091 29

HMRC Charity Number: EW87825

Certificate of registration Aiducation International UK:


Dr. Allegre Hadida – Advisor to Aiducation International UK

Advises the UK team on operations and strategy. Lecturer in Strategy at Judge Business School and Magdalene Fellow, University of Cambridge. Ph.D. in Strategy from the HEC, Paris.

“The passion, commitment, and competence I have witnessed in the organization so far, combined with a powerful and inspiring vision, will soon contribute to Aiducation setting the standard for charitable organizations in education worldwide.”



Andrea Wessendorf Representative Aiducation International UK

Supports the UK fundraising team and shares treasurer responsibilities. PhD Candidate at the Cambridge Judge Business School in Strategic Management.

"I want to support Aiducation because education is a key to opportunities in life. Not everyone is given the same opportunities, but I believe that providing scholarships to high potential students early on in their lifes can make a real difference by supporting them in reaching their full potential, regardless of their background."



Michael Waelchli– CEO Aiducation International UK

Leads and sets direction for all operational aspects of Aiducation International UK, volunteer on a part-time basis, MBA candidate University of Cambridge, M.A. in Finance & Accounting, University of St.Gallen

Development work should be about empowering, not imposing. With its unique business model, Aiducation not only lifes this principle, but also implements it most effectively. Is there a better way of empowering than educating?!"