Our clear focus on sustainable impact and newly launched goal to empower 1'000 Young Entrepreneurs have allowed us to take the lead.


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One key to our team’s success is operating like a business while maintaining the soul of a charity. We keep our processes and concept simple to let us operate with volunteers rather than employees. This allows us to develop the skills of motivated professionals and deliver over 90% of your donation directly to the school fees for our AiduFellows

We began to build the international structure of Aiducation in 2007 and today our umbrella organization manages a growing network of Chapters in several countries. For Talent-Raising Chapters, the dedicated team in Kenya is expanding their network of AiduFellows and since 2014 we have expanded our activities with a new Talent-Raising Chapter in Asia in the Philippines (find out more here). Our Scholarship-Raising Chapters in Europe implement our award-winning business plan to raise more scholarships every year.

We would like to introduce our small team of leaders, listed below, who oversee the operations of all the Chapters with the support of an experienced Advisory Board.

Aiducation International
Dufourstrasse 105
8008 Zürich

Matthias Meier – CEO ad interim of Aiducation International & Boardmember

Leads and sets direction for all operational aspects of Aiducation International. M.A. in Accounting and Finance of the University of St. Gallen.

“Education provides the foundation to realize professional ambitions and thereby enables individuals to take over responsibility for their society. With the unique business model of Aiducation I would like to make this kind of freedom possible to the underprivileged youth.”



Martin Linder – CFO/COO & Branch Manager of Aiducation International

Takes as CFO responsibility for the Finances of the Aiducation Group. Implements as COO of Aiducation International the global standards and processes. In his function Martin leads the Shared Service Center and acts as Branch Manager for Aiducation International.

“We are not just our behaviour – we are the person managing our behaviour.” (Kenneth H. Blanchard)

I found this beautiful sentence as a 20 year old student and made it my guiding principle. Today, in the mid of my fifties, I am glad that I found Aiducation International. Because Aiducation helps young, bright, underprivileged, but highly motivated people in Africa and Asia become personalities. With our scholarships, our academies, the alumni network and by supporting their business ideas. To make these young personalities support their home countries to become strong nations. “Building People. Building Nations”. If you like that idea, then become a part of it!”


Cynthia Brauchli – Global Scholarship & Mentorship Academy Manager

Cynthia is responsible for managing the global scholarship processes and the global coordination, planning and evaluation of the Coaching & Mentoring program. Diploma of Higher Education in Tourism Management at HFT Lucerne.

"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world." (Malala Yousafzai, nobel prize laureate 2014)

"From the very beginning, I was convinced and excited about the unique business model of Aiducation International. In my eyes, the investment in humans and their education is the most sustainable form of development aid. Therefore it fills me with pride to be part of Aiducation’s team and to have the opportunity to contribute to a better world and to really make an impact."





Samuel Bon – President of the Board Aiducation International

Ensures the establishment and maintenance of an efficient governance structure within Aiducation so to optimize operations and drive effective outcomes as well as supporting the management team in positioning Aiducation within the donor landscape to secure funding opportunities, for Aiducations’ growth strategy.

"Growing up, I have been fortunate to witness the benefits of a diverse and accessible educational system firsthand. My access to a comprehensive primary education and university in Switzerland has instilled in me a profound appreciation for the transformative power of education. The experience at Swisscontact further reinforced my understanding of the tremendous impact that well-designed educational programs can have on individuals and communities. What particularly resonates with me about Aiducation was its focus on developing future leaders and promoting better education and sustainable income for all.”





Carole Häusermann – Non-Executive Board Member Aiducation International

Provides creative strategic input to the Board and provides independent oversight and constructive challenge to management.

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." (African Proverb)

“Connecting worlds whereby both sides benefit, that is my ambition.”





Marc Blumenfeld – Legal Counsel

Provides general legal advice with focus on legal structuring and corporate governance.
Attorney (lic.iur., admitted in Switzerland) based in Zurich specializing in trusts and non-profit.

“I am proud to be part of the Aiducation team because Aiducation recognizes that developing a country means educating individuals - one at a time.”



Prof. Dr. Hannes Röst - IT

Provides IT support and manages the website. Assistent Professor at the University of Toronto.

"I love working for Aiducation International because we provide unrestricted access to education and information which is immensely important for an equal and just society."



Karin Aue – Head of Communication

Leads public relations, designs marketing materials and organizes events. Creative Director, Magister in Graphic Design, Vienna, MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environments, London.

"I see investment in education as the most sustainable form of foreign aid policy. I enjoy being part of a great team and learning more about the different countries we are expanding to as well as getting to know many interesting people - including AiduMakersAiducators, and Aiduseekers."



Dr. Eva Köberl – Co-Founder of Aiducation International

Eva has been a part of Aiducation since mid 2007 and has contributed in various functions immensely to the success of the organization. Among the most prominent positions was the position as the CEO of the Swiss chapter. As a Tier-B member of Aiducation International and Aiducation International Schweiz, Eva is part of two of Aiducation's most important decision-making bodies. Eva studied Economics and earned a Ph.D. at ETH Zurich.

“One of our applicants once said: 'education is the only key.' That is what I believe in! It is the only key to personal success, development and, hence, making an impact in the world. Being part of this entrepreneurial and committed team motivated me to co-found this inspiring organization which has the most convincing concept to give back to society. In the near future, Aiducation International will be a synonym for the most efficient and effective NGO worldwide, I'm sure.'”


Dr. Kerstin Hockmann – Communications

In charge of creating all texts for collaterals of Aiducation (Newsletter, Blog, Annual Report etc.). Post-Doc at the institut of terrestrial ecosystems (ETH Zürich), Diploma in geoecology at the TU Braunschweig.

“I am conviced that Aiducation International offers the best opportunity to realize potentials and make visions come true - in development countries as well as in Switzerland."


Ulrich Werwigk  – Support Legal Counsel

Ulrich was engaged as trainer of an Entrepreneur Workshop in Kenya of Aiducation International in 2018 when working for Swiss Re, and he is involved in various partnership projects of the ev.-lutheran church in Bavaria in Tanzania, primarily in the education sector. Ulrich lives and works as a lawyer & mediator in Munich. He supports Marc Blumenfeld.

"Idea and goal of Aiducation International to contribute to the development in the respective countries, particularly Africa and Asia, by promoting education and training of talented young people as well as by supporting them in their choice of professions and start-up companies are convincing, and empathy and commitment of the international team around Florian are inspiring. I am happy to be able to contribute to these efforts."





Mohamed Thoraia – Start Up Fund Advisory Board Member

He is responsible for designing life long learning experiences for Aiducation Talent network. Mohamed has led the design and re-launch of Start Up Fund 2.0 and the development Aiducation’s e-Mentoring Program with 50+ participants annually. He collaborates with the team on exploring strategic partnerships and identifying new growth opportunities. He has a BSc. in Engineering and an MBA in Innovation & Strategy from IESE Business School.

"Making education accessible to individuals who are keen to learn, and have the drive to make a difference, was my key motivation to join Aiducation. I am particularly excited about the potential of digital education, and the array of opportunities that it provides such as; personalized learning, one-on-one mentoring and open access to rich learning materials."


Ashuhan Do─čan – Start Up Fund Support

Ashuhan is responsible for the Start Up Fund program to lead and set the strategic direction towards building sustainable societies by shaping the program together with our sponsors and volunteers. Sustainability Strategist in Construction Sector, University of St.Gallen MBA, Copenhagen Business School MA in Sustainability, BA in Linguistics.

"Giving back to society has always been key part of who I am and I can not think of a better cause than supporting education and entrepreneurship to achieve it in the most sustainable way possible. I am happy to be a member of Aiducation International where my values fit into a bigger picture and my passion has a chance to become reality."



Julia De Vargas-Marquez – Support Employability at Aiducation International

Julia is supporting the Aiducation team within the employability concept.

"I consider myself a citizen of the world: I was born in Mexico, studied and started my career in the US, and have been living in Switzerland for 27+ years. I am motivated and passionate about guiding, supporting, and enabling individuals to become the very best version of themselves.
I believe that education opens the world. I have experienced this firsthand: my parents moved our family to the US to provide us with educational opportunities we would have not had otherwise. Then years later, I came to Switzerland on a three-month internship/exchange program. This experienced changed the course of my life. I would now like to offer my experience, 24+ years in the education sector, and motivation to the benefit of Aiducation, its Scholars & Fellows.
It is an honor to contribute to “Building People, Building Nations."



Dr. Florian Kapitza – Co-Founder of Aiducation International

“I'm part of Aiducation International because I want to help students realize their potential and I love achieving this together with very inspiring people from all over the world!.”


Dr. Kristin Kapitza – Co-Founder of Aiducation International & Boardmember

Seeks partners and supporters for Aiducation International. Presents on behalf of the Chapter at events and raises scholarships. Registration specialist in the agrochemical industry, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from ETH Zurich, Diploma in Biochemistry.

“I enjoy being part of this amazing venture, where I can use my skills to help talented students in developing countries to become what they can be. Investing in high potentials is accompanied by a substantial leverage effect. I can’t wait to see the achievements of our AiduFellows, which will move their societies forward.”


Alexandra Spälti - For-Impact Business Builder

Alexandra identifies partnership opportunities and is responsible for the implementation of the internationalisation strategy. Enrolled in M.Sc. Business Administration- Public and Nonprofit Management at Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

"Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education." (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
"I am proud to be part of an organisation, which fights for the best cause in this world; to provide bright young minds with access to education. We pursue this goal with passion, integrity and perseverance."


Florence Seabra – Aiducator

Florence supports the team in various areas.

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." (Kofi Annan)
"Supporting bright students in their education and building up their confidence, knowledge, and perspective of the world is what made me first joining Aiducation. Being part of a great team and having the opportunity to learn, get to know many new people from across the world and expand my own knowledge and perspective is equally fulfilling."



Tanja Lampertsdörfer – Profile Center

Helps maintaing student profiles up to date (progress reports, updates, videos).
Document Quality Specialist, Syngenta Crop Protection, Basel, Foreign Language Correspondent.

“The very first moment I heard about Aiducation, I wanted to know more about it, and the more I heard about it, the more I wanted to become a member of this incredible versatile and enthusiastic team. I am convinced of the concept, impressed by the way it is realised and proud to participate.”

Dr. Adam Cianciara – Manager Partners and Donors

Adam is responsible for building and maintaining good working relationship with Aiducation’s current and prospect partners and donors. He also takes care of students’ profiles as well as their progress reports. He holds Ph.D. degree in Social Sciences from University of Wroclaw and CAS in Development and Cooperation from ETH Zurich.

"I have no doubts that education is the most powerful tool when it comes to improving people’s lives. And that’s why I believe in Aiducation and what it stands for. I’m privileged of being part of it." 



Benedikt Burckhardt, Profile Center & Fundraising

Helps with profile creation of new applicants and fundraising activities. Candidate for a MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

“I enjoy working for Aiducation because I believe education is the gateway to opportunity and realizing one’s own potential. Working with an inspiring team makes it all the more fun and rewarding.”





Ruth Hug -  in loving memory (21.08.1948 – 13.12.2022)

Initially Ruth has been supporting us with all major administrative work (progress reports, updates, videos, profile creation etc.). Later on, she took over responsibility for financial processes of our Umbrella company as well as for Aiducation Germany and in 2022 managed the tax letters to all our AiduFriends and Sponsors in Switzerland and Germany.

A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, but she took the disease with great patience as well as optimism and did not stop to support Aiducation until recently, when she was redeemed from her suffering. We are missing Ruth´s enthusiasm, motivation and her positivity. Rest in peace and thank you so much for all your support and helpfulness.

Find our Annual Report to download here