Our clear focus on sustainable impact and newly launched goal to empower 1'000 Young Entrepreneurs have allowed us to take the lead.

Our AiduAmbassadors

Aiducation created an ambassador program to further increase awareness and enhance Aiducation's capabilities to maximize impact.

Our Aiducation Ambassadors support Aiducation as highly esteemed individuals by promoting and sharing the core idea and vision of the organization within their network. They are committed to our cause and willing to raise awareness of education and mentoring as the most important lever for the development of individuals, societies and economies.

The Aiducation Ambassadors share the following common values:
-          passion for education as personal & social lever
-          strong conviction by the concept and pro-active promoters of Aiducation
-          willingness & potential to give back to society
-          successful & exposed personality (business, education, politics, etc.)



Alice Šáchová – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Co-Founder Collective63 AG

"My relationship with Aiducation started with the celebrations of my 50th birthday. I wanted to support an organisation, which focuses on education for non-privileged, young people but with the student's performance as key criteria. Aiducation is the perfect fit for this – the concept is convincing and well thought trough, and on top the implemented is fast and pragmatic.  The more I see the team and how their ideas are growing and evolving, the more I want to become a partner  in their journey and make developing countries a better place from within."

Angela Matthes  – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Founder & Creator at becurious.li

"What do I want to tell my granddaughter when I'm 65 and she jumps on my lap and asks what I particularly enjoy looking back on in my life? First I will ask, how much time do you have ;)? Then I will tell, among other things, that through Aiducation I had the opportunity to help young talented students attend high school, paving the way for higher education. And when I came to Kenya with my StartUp, I got to meet many of these young talents in person and see how they had seized their opportunity and were studying at university or had already started their own businesses. This made my commitment to the Aiducation model even stronger and I am proud to be called an Ambassador for Aiducation.“

Christoph Ernst – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
CEO at Studer Cables AG and board member at Gruner AG

“I am very convinced by Aiducation's concept of focused support for the education of young people. I experience people who stand up for this core idea in an entrepreneurial, holistic, sustainable and passionate way."


Gerald Gonzenbach – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Chairman Clarmond Investment Solutions Ltd.

“Education is a human right – but developing countries need more than just access to 
education. The several years we lived in South Africa led to the conclusion, that successful education is built on three critical pillars: quality, ongoing tutoring during the curriculum, 
and sustainability, ultimately requiring the build-up of proprietary educational capabilities 
and resources within each country. Aiducation in my opinion contributes in a unique form 
and with amazing commitment to all three criteria: It supports access to quality secondary 
and ultimately tertiary education, it fosters the success of its pupils with ongoing mentoring, 
and it finally it aims to strengthen through its alumni network the commitment and responsibility 
of each graduate towards the development of her or  his own country."



Ian Roberts – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Chief Technology Officer at Bühler

“Access to good education is a basic requirement for social and economic
development. In many countries limited access to education serves to
maintain inequality and prevent equitable growth. Aiducation provides smart
but financially disadvantaged children with the opportunity to gain a good
high school education. I am proud to support Aiducation in providing access
to education.





Kim Johansson – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz

Managing Director Sales Ahead

I met Florian, the Co-Founder of Aiducation, many years ago and I was truly inspired by his spirit and enthusiasm of making a difference in the World. Aiducation is an organisation that is trusted, transparent and dedicated to change the World. It has a significant impact on highly talented individuals with a long term, sustainable focus. That is why I am part of the Ambassador team.

Luc Albert Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Board member at Fluvia AG, Advisory Board Member of Palatine & Senior Business Adviser at Anthesis Group
"I am convinced that education never stops. But it has to start somewhere... What seems to be a given for many of us is only remotely attainable for many more. In more than 10 years, Aiducation has provided access to education for hundreds of talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and has made a big difference to these talents. Thanks to Aiducation's support, said talents were able to graduate from high school and thus also had access to further educational opportunities such as university studies or were able to start their own business. By supporting these people, the cycle is focused on the ultimate goal: handing over responsibility to Aiducation graduates, promoting independent economic progress and creating wider access to education.  For me, it is both a privilege and an honor to support Aiducation with my experience, commitment and enthusiasm as an Ambassador!"
Marc-Philippe Frey Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
MSc RSC ETH Student
"Education is one of the only truly sustainable ways for individuals to break the cycle of poverty and for societies to facilitate class mobility. I am strongly drawn to Aiducation’s impact driven focus on enabling and supporting young, intelligent individuals in paving their way for a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. The Aiducation team is very driven, enthusiastic and completely committed to the cause and I am proud to contribute my part in making a lasting, positive impact on the life of their students."


Matthias Schaub – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz

Director, Executive MBA Universität Zürich

"Education is the backbone of every society. In a world characterised by change and progress, education plays a crucial role in preparing young people for the challenges of the future. Through education, we can not only open up individual opportunities, but also strengthen society as a whole. In Aiducation's approach, I was convinced by the circular idea: scholarship holders also provide support, either financially or as mentors, after they have successfully entered the profession, thus ensuring sustainability in the system and living the idea of purpose-driven leadership."





Michel Kleisli – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Owner & CEO AseTechnik AG

“I was looking for the opportunity to support an organisation, which I can trust and identify with in regards to it’s team and long-term goals. The way Aiducation engages its donors and supporters convinced me from the first moment. Although I have been travelling a lot across the world, sub-saharan Africa has not been on my radar so far. Discovering Kenya from various angles has been a real benefit for me offered by Aiducation and I am truly grateful for it.


Rene W. Keller
Founder & CEO xplorizon consulting

Education is the wind beneath our wings, propelling us towards the horizon where the sky is not the limit but the beginning, sparking an era where hope blossoms and opportunities flourish.
It is a great pleasure and an honour for me to support Aiducation as an Ambassador and thus actively contribute to the promotion of education.
As a Swiss-born person, I am aware of the great privilege of having had access to education without any significant financial or structural barriers. This privilege has opened many doors for me personally. My experiences abroad over the last 12 years have made me even more aware of the importance of this access.“


Sandro Cornella – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz

I was impressed by Aiducation's entrepreneurial and professional approach and I am convinced that the focus on talented, financially disadvantaged youth in developing countries is an important multiplier for sustainable development from within. Young people are supported in their education and contribute to the development of their home countries. The contacts with people from the Aiducation network from various backgrounds are very enriching for me. I am happy to support this meaningful cause together with competent, committed people.


Silvio Inderbitzin – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Investor, Entrepreneur & Board Member in various companies

“My wife and I did have the chance and luck to benefit  from the excellent education possibilities in Switzerland. We believe that education is on of the most important requirement for a sustainable development and prosperity of a peoples and society. Aiducation is just exactly putting into practice what we feel has to be done to support not only young bright individuals but thus helping to develop a whole nation over time in a very sustainable way. Therefore, we support Aiducation International financially with our own Foundation and would like to further help by transferring the idea to other potential future supporters  as an Amabassdor.

Sunnie J. Groeneveld  – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Entrepreneur, Board Member, Author and Speaker

"In the 21st century, one of the best anti-poverty programs is a world-class education. I am convinced that Aiducation’s approach of providing need-based scholarships to the most talented students, will make a tremendous positive impact. A better education empowers them with the knowledge and tools to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for themselves and their country. Having benefitted from exceptional educational opportunity in Switzerland and the USA, I am grateful to serve as an Ambassador for Aiducation’s admirable cause."

Thomas Bernauer  – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
Professor of Political Science, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland

"I believe that high-quality education is one of the fundamental prerequisites for successfully dealing with the plethora of challenges humanity is facing. As a scientist whose work has a problem-solving focus, I am acutely aware that our students are our most valuable assets to that end, and that their education does not start, but only continues when they enter university. Meritocratic countries that are able to offer a good education to all socio-economic parts of society, including children from low-income families, from primary school to university and professional colleges, are likely to perform best over the long run. This is why I subscribe very much to the aims activities of Aiducation."


Yves von Ballmoos – Ambassador Aiducation International Schweiz
CEO Furniture Advisory Services GmbH

“During my one week stay at an Aiducation Academy in Malindi in spring 2015 I could personally experience the long term commitment that Aiducation has in Kenya. I met and got to know highly motivated, very willing to learn and highly intelligent young people who eagerly take up the chance offered by Aiducation. I am convinced that improved access to education is a - if not the best - path to offer a solution to the big challenge Africa is facing. Aiducation offers a truly sustainable approach which I happily support with my expertise as well as through financial means here in Switzerland as well as in Africa.





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