" In science, having an idea and being the first one is what makes a scientist successful, in business, however it's the implementation that makes a wonderful organization real. "

In 2006, Jeremiah Kiponda Kambi, a physician, started an organization in Kenya with his friends. The purpose of this organization was to battle one of the biggest problems in his country: restricted access to high school caused by school fees that were unaffordable for a large percentage of the population. This commitment first convinced Kristin and Florian, and later the entire Swiss team, to join this effort and refine and push the idea forward.The result is Aiducation International, with chapters in
Kenya, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the US, and the Philippines.

Today, dozens of Aiducators, most of them on a complete voluntary basis, make Aiducation International possible. They are students and young professionals who are passioate about giving bright and needy student access to education and thereby access to their potential. Visit our team pages to meet our dedicated team members.

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from the left - Dr. Florian and Dr. Kristin Kapitza together with Jeremiah Kambi