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Aiducation International Schweiz
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UBS Schweiz
Aiducation International Schweiz
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In September 2007, a small group of entrepreneurial Ph.D. students founded Aiducation International Switzerland. As the first Scholarship-Raising Chapter, the Swiss team worked closely with the first Talent-Raising chapter in Kenya to develop the concept and processes for AiducationInternational, which laid the foundation for a global organization.

We have official charity status in Switzerland, this means donations (e.g. as an AiduMaker) to Aiducation International Schweiz are exempt from taxes (official letter). Most of our team members are volunteers and receive no salary from Aiducation. With the additional support of our AiduPartners, it is, therefore, possible for us to pass on at least 90% of your donation to cover the school fees of your student. Contact us today if you would like to join our team or support a student.

The Swiss team currently consists of about 20 team members, most are volunteers, working out of Zurich and Basel. We would like to introduce some of our leaders, listed below

Contact of Aiducation International in Switzerland
8000 Zurich


Matthias Meier – CEO of Aiducation International Switzerland & Boardmember

Manages, develops and expands the Swiss chapter on a strategic and operational level. Represents Aiducation International Switzerland at events (internally and externally). Establishes and fosters relations to existing and potential AiduPartners. M.A. in Accounting and Finance of the University of St. Gallen.

“Education provides the foundation to realize professional ambitions and thereby enables individuals to take over responsibility for their society. With the unique business model of Aiducation I would like to make this kind of freedom possible to the underprivileged youth.”


Andrea Specht – Donor Relations Aiducation International Switzerland

Andrea is the contact person for existing and new donors. She cultivates the relationships, deals with requests, advises, clarifies and fulfils (almost) every wish. She also organizes events and helps wherever there is a need. The travel-infected, certified tourism specialist with 15 years of experience as a host and intercultural understanding.
“To be part of Aiducation, my aspiration for a meaningful, sustainable activity is fulfilled. For me, education is the cornerstone for every further step, no matter how small, into a better future. Investing my time in this goal makes me proud and gives me the strength to shape my private and professional life with energy and humour."



Maya Hinterberger - For Impact Business Builder Aiducation International Switzerland

Maya is responsible for acquiring new business and relationship management with existing donors, service clubs and institutional partners. She has an MA in Humanitarian Aid from the University College Dublin. 
"I have the strong conviction that each human being, independent of their background, religion or the political situation in their home country has the right to develop freely and in healthy circumstances as well as the right to access education. This is the reason why I support Aiducation International with its work in supporting young students with merit-based scholarships."



Dr. Kristin Kapitza – Co-Founder of Aiducation International & Boardmember

Seeks partners and supporters for Aiducation International. Presents on behalf of the Chapter at events and raises scholarships. Registration specialist in the agrochemical industry, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from ETH Zurich, Diploma in Biochemistry.

“I enjoy being part of this amazing venture, where I can use my skills to help talented students in developing countries to become what they can be. Investing in high potentials is accompanied by a substantial leverage effect. I can’t wait to see the achievements of our AiduFellows, which will move their societies forward.”


Irène Koch – CFO Aiducation International Switzerland & Boardmember

Supports the team in all financial processes.

"There is an old saying: “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.” Aiducation follows this approach with an impressive passion and professionalism by giving gifted underprivileged students access to higher education. I am proud to be part of this team and make a small contribution to improve their country’s economic, social and political development."


Yoko Matsuoka; Aiducator Aiducation International Switzerland

Supports the team in financial processes as well as in Donor Relations.

"Education is one of the most important things to have for a large variety of options in the future, and should be available for all adolescents. Therefore I am happy to be able to help reaching the goals of Aiducation."


Mauro Ketterer - Business Development Manager Aiducation International Switzerland

Developing the division "School Switzerland" and is looking for educational partnership from the primary and secondary education level, i.e. from kindergarten to college. Tourism expert, PR specialist and empathy coach.
"Children are the doctors, researchers and teachers from tomorrow. The poorer countries need education to support and develop their villages, cities and the whole country. Swiss children can be sensitized and get in contact with children that have fewer opportunities. Furthermore, they become more familiar with important competencies and are able to contribute actively. Aiducation is enabling this in an outstanding way. Because education creates development and will create long-term impact."


Nora Leonardi – Aiducator Aiducation International Switzerland

Supports the team in various areas.

“Education opens minds and doors. I believe access to a good education is one of the most crucial, rewarding and empowering things in our lives. Through Aiducation, I can provide opportunities for talented, knowledge-hungry students in developing countries.“


Florian Becker  – Aiducator Aiducation International Switzerland

Supports the team in various areas.

"For ourselves it is quite natural to have free access to high quality educational standards, for most of the people especially the ones that belong to developing countries this is not the case. To obtain a long-lasting effect as a non-profit organization and thereby work as efficient as possible, it is important to guarantee that at least high potentials from disadvantaged regions get equal educational opportunities. I am proud to be part of a team starting at this particular point and therefore helping to improve the economic, social and intercultural development of the corresponding countries.


Jan Rihak – Business Development Aiducation International Switzerland & Boardmember

Responsible for strategic partnerships and business development. Chief Operating Officer with MyMoneyPark, former Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company. M.B.A from the University of Cambridge, Founding Member of the UK Chapter

“I chose to become an Aiducator because I believe in the concept, it gave me an amazing platform to make an impact, and the team is enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and keen to grow.”


Nicolas Nägeli - In loving memory (30.07.1991 - 19.03.2016)

We recently received the tragic news of the sudden death of our beloved Aiducator Nicolas Nägeli. Nicolas tragically lost his life on Saturday, 19th March 2016, while on a snowboarding-tour in the Alps. He was together with a friend on the Aletschhorn-glacier where he was doing what he passionately loved.

Nicolas abrupt and tragic death has left us in deep sorrow and with a sense of a great loss for this immensely bright, talented and gifted human being. His unique personality enabled him to participate in multiple areas and excel. Nicolas was highly committed to Aiducation, working in the Swiss chapter since 2013 as Vice-CEO helping our organisation grow and develop. Through his untimely death, we have lost a dear colleague and a trusting friend. His legacy will continue to inspire us.


Find our Annual Report to download here