Aiducation International: Entrepreneurial commitment with social impact

Posted on 09/11/2018 at 08:33PM

What do a mechanical engineering company, an advertising agency, and a consulting company have in common? All three support talented engineers or lawyers in Kenya and journalists in the Philippines. In Aiducation International, companies like Ase Technik, Werbekontor and Synpulse have discovered the perfect partner for their social involvement. Supporting talented Kenyan and Filipino students through merit-based scholarships is in their opinion the best way to change things on a global scale.

Social engagement is a priority for these companies. They all were looking for a partner organisation whose objectives they can identify with, which they can trust, and where reciprocity is the key. In Aiducation International, which makes an impact and sustainable difference by supporting Kenyan and Filipino High Potentials, they found the perfect match. Michel Kleisli, CEO of AseTechnik explains «I value Aiducation’s focus on performance and their levels of transparency. Being able to support a future engineer means a lot to us, and the exchange with other corporate partners is rewarding». Thanks to the scholarship of AseTechnik, Benson, a young man and future engineer is attending High school in Kenya, in the hopes that he will help revolutionize the Kenyan transport system one day.

Meaningful Christmas gifts
One of Aiducation International’s more than 1500 supported students is Lydia, whose dream it is to become a successful lawyer and fight for the rights of people with disabilities. On her path to fulfil her goals she is supported by a 4-year High school scholarship, sponsored by Werbekontor. «Instead of giving away calories for Christmas, we prefer to invest in the future of a talented and ambitious young person.» says T. Schaich, Partner & Senior Consultant. Werbekontor will be repeating this meaningful Christmas tradition also this year and will say “Thank you!” to clients by supporting another student in his or her education.

Running for a good cause
A communal experience to empower employees and have a social impact. This was the objective of Synpulse Management Consulting. In order to enable young talents in Kenya and the Philippines to overcome local challenges by way of education, Synpulse’ employees went the extra mile. «For Aiducation, our employees chose to overcome physical obstacles.» Dr. Christoph Nützenadel, CEO. Working with Aiducation, Synpulse offers its employees a variety of activities to engage as a team.

Companies like these mentioned here no longer measure their success with hard numbers alone, but also consider the impact they are having with their actions. The objective of their social engagement is to maximize the value of their support. Thanks to the partnership with Aiducation International, which stands out among organisations because of its focus on education alone and a unique impact concept, they make significant contributions. Thanks to their support, future leadership personalities can realize their full potential. Social engagement for Aiducation can be realised in many ways, and we pride ourselves in offering numerous, customized opportunities to support. The unique characteristic these companies all have in common is that they all are committed to changing the life of young talents in Kenya and the Philippines by 180°. With this Impact, they significantly contribute to the sustainable development of societies.

Are you interested in making a sustainable and effective difference through your social engagement? Take look at our SME Factsheet (in German) or contact us at get an overview of the tailor-made opportunities that Aiducation offers.