What we do

Aiducation goes beyond education access

We work with underprivileged and talented individuals in countries like Kenya and the Philippines and support them throughout their educational journey. We improve our scholars' economic resilience, through employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

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Building People

As part of our purpose to build people, we award scholarships to talented and underprivileged high school students, as well as offer different mentoring and coaching programs to each scholar.

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Providing young talents with access to quality high school education

We award merit-based high school scholarships to underprivileged and bright students – starting a lifelong learning journey, to realize their full potential.

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Mentoring & coaching

Empowering talents with critical skills and capabilities

In addition to providing access high school education, our scholars receive structured mentoring and coaching in vital areas like purpose, leadership, employability, entrepreneurship, and more. Together with our partners, we host impactful learning programs both on-site in our talent markets (e.g. Kenya and Philippines) and online.

Building Nations

We continue to support our Alumni by providing seed money for start-up ideas, access to career fairs, and fostering a worldwide network of Aiducation Alumni who can connect and learn from each other.

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Employability & Entrepreneurship

Supporting young professionals and young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a core focus at Aiducation. We provide seed funding and technical guidance to support young entrepreneurs in starting their businesses. We believe these start-ups will generate employment opportunities and play a role in advancing economic, political, and social development within their respective countries.

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Alumni network

Fostering community and exchange

Through GYLA (Global Young Leaders Alliance), our online Alumni Platform, Alumni have the opportunity to connect, learn from one another, receive mentorship and university grants, share job postings, and access numerous other opportunities.

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