Mentoring & coaching

Empowering talents with critical skills and capabilities

In addition to providing access high school education, our scholars receive structured mentoring and coaching in vital areas like purpose, leadership, employability, entrepreneurship, and more.

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Mentoring & coaching is at the core of our work

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Unleashing the potential of young talents

Our scholars have the opportunity to fully develop their potential through our mentoring and coaching programs, developing critical skills and enhancing their (social & economic) resilience, thus equipping them for success in their future professional endeavours, whether as employees or entrepreneurs.

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Empower talent, engage employees

Together with Aiducation, our partners embark on a compelling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) story impacting societies, enhancing purpose-driven employee engagement, and sharing impact with both internal and external stakeholders.

Tailored mentoring formats

Our mentoring & coaching program is split into three tracks, tailored to the different needs of our scholars along their learning journey.


Mentorship Academies

Intensive learning programs focusing on Employability & Entrepreneurship related to current and critical themes like food systems, sustainability and more. These sessions can be held either on-site, with one week in Nairobi & Manila.

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Over a span of 12 months, this online program facilitates connections between Aiducation alumni and employees of corporate partners. Through 16 sessions, mentors provide individual guidance on various topics, fostering an environment for sharing experiences.

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Leadership Academies

These sessions can be held either on-site, with one week in Nairobi & Manila, or virtually, accommodating cohorts of approximately 30-40 talented individuals paired with around 10 mentors from our corporate partners.

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Carole Häusermann

Group Board Vice President

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." (African Proverb) “Connecting worlds whereby both sides benefit, that is my ambition."

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