Closing the education gap: enabling access to a quality high school education for young and underprivileged talents

We award merit-based high school scholarships to underprivileged and bright students – kick-starting a lifelong learning journey to realize their full potential.

Our guarantee: at least 90% of each scholarship is invested directly into education.

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Education unlocks potential and empowers individuals to shape a better future

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Every scholarship kicks-off a lifelong learning journey for a young talent

Education is the key driver for personal growth, while active citizens drive lasting change. With our donors, we offer merit-based scholarships to bright, motivated, financially disadvantaged students in emerging economies. Every scholar receives mentorship and becomes integrated into our network of upcoming leaders and change makers who are driving their countries forward in economic, political, and social spheres.

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Change the lives of bright young talents

With each scholarship, you are giving bright and financially disadvantaged students access to education and mentoring, therefore enabling them to fulfil their potential, pursue their dreams, and ultimately changing their lives significantly.

Our Talent Journey

Our lifelong talent journey from the recruiting of underprivileged and high-potential individuals, providing structured onboarding, coaching, mentoring, and practical experiences, while continuously monitoring performance and offering feedback, recognition, and support, ultimately preparing talents for career advancement and fostering long-term engagement and opportunities to give back to society through an alumni network.


What makes our scholarships unique

Support exceptional talents to drive sustainable change

We focus on a smaller pool of underprivileged and talented individuals who can be fully supported throughout their educational and career journey. Our rigorous selection process ensures that applicants meet three criteria:

  • Top 10% of students in their year
  • From financially disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Showcase extraordinary potential through extracurricular achievements and have a convincing personality and mindset

We put transparency at the core

When awarding a scholarship, you can choose the talented student you want to support on a 1:1 basis.

Additionally, you'll receive yearly progress reports detailing the student's academic and extracurricular achievements, allowing you to see the impact of your donation first-hand.

We prioritize efficiency, ensuring that at least 90% of each scholarship goes directly towards education.

How to award a scholarship

  • Select a student you want to support 
Meet our aspiring scholars.
  • Receive annual progress reports 
Follow the scholars' progress.
  • Each scholarship costs 800 CHF (800 EUR, 700 GBP or 900 USD) per year for four years.

Our Impact in Numbers


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