Music, determination and Aiducation can change lives

Posted on 02/14/2016 at 01:30AM

Allyson and Simon from Basel Switzerland are inspiring 16-year-old high school students who believe in the power of education. They are organizing a Charity Music Concert to share their musical talents and raise money for a scholarship for Philippine AiduSeeker Rica M.

On February 21st, Alysson and Simon, together with Aiducation, invite you to listen to Allyson and Simon playing solo and duet works by Bach, Piazzolla, Ravel and more. The music will be magical… but this event will also touch your heart.

Allyson and Simon are high school students that share a passion for music. Alysson started to play the violin when she was only five years olds, and by age 12 music was her primary passion. Simon started when he was seven years old and after playing piano and guitar for a few years, his love for music grew and he plans to dedicate his future life to music.

We are grateful that Allyson and Simon have chosen to do partner with Aiducation because they share the same belief in the importance of education. Education in countries like Kenya and the Philippines develops teenagers like themselves with a strong base to lead long-term sustainable change in their countries.

Allyson and Simon are eager to use their talent and passion to help others. Rica M. is the student they felt connected to and decided to help to follow her dream as a nuclear chemist. They saw all the beautiful projects she was involved in and how she also shares interests for singing and dancing. “Her ambitions are very similar to our own, and we want to help her achieve her dreams”, said Allyson.

Please join Allyson and Simon on February 21st, at 4pm at Basel Musik-Akademie in this touching music event and let us all show how every action can change the world. For more info on the event check our AiduAction landing page and invite your friends to the event on Facebook

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