Our story

Since the beginning, our mission has been to empower underprivileged and talented individuals to achieve their full potential

Physician's Vision Sparks Global Movement: Aiducation International founded in 2006 to combat education barriers.

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How it all started

In 2006, Jeremiah Kiponda Kambi, a physician, founded an organization in Kenya with the mission of addressing the widespread issue of limited access to high school due to unaffordable school fees. His dedication inspired Kristin and Florian Kapitza, followed by the entire Swiss team, to join the cause. With Kristin, Florian, and Eva Köberl leading the charge, they established Aiducation International, which has since expanded its reach across Kenya, the Philippines, as well as Switzerland, Germany, UK, and the US.

We are proud to be a successful spin-off of the renowned ETH Zurich.

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Where we are today

Since its inception, Aiducation International has transformed from a small, passionate group in Kenya, supported by Switzerland, into a well-structured organization with clear roles and processes. The kicked-off shift from a centralized to a decentralized model will empower the local chapters more and more to lead initiatives, fostering community engagement and effective collaboration with local partners in the coming years. In its second generation, Aiducation has prioritized professionalization and expansion, refining strategies to streamline operations and reach more communities. This continuous growth exemplifies the resilience and impact of grassroots initiatives in creating positive social change.

Towards a global organization for education

Our global presence spans "talent-raising" and "scholarship-raising" chapters under Aiducation International, each registered as a non-profit entity in its respective country. "Talent-raising" chapters locally recruit and support scholars, while "scholarship-raising" chapters connect candidates with potential donors.


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