Victor W., The future financial manager fights corruption.

“I want to establish a community project to help bright people who have school fee shortage.”
Thanks to the "Aiducation Scholarship", Victor is now in year 1 of the scholarship.
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Victor est un garçon de 17 ans de Budalangi, Kenya.

About Victor

Victor is a boy from Budalangi, Kenya.

Victor wants to become a financial manager and to work for the World Bank. He wants to work with integrity to make sure needy people have a fair chance of getting financial help. Beyond that, he wants to establish a community project to help bright people who can’t afford school fees.

In his free time, he likes to read. In secondary school he would also like to learn how to operate a computer.

His parents are both unemployed. He also has 5 older siblings.

Victor ranks among the 3% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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