Rencontrez notre Aiduseeker - Tonny M.

The future doctor fights for free medication.
“I want to use my salary to build a hospital in my community where people can get free medication.”
Tonny est un garçon de 18 ans de Kikoneni, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: unemployed / Father: deceased
Ambition: Wants to study medicine and work for the biggest hospital in Nairobi called 'Kenyatta hospital'.
Hobby: Helping the sick people, teaching other students
KCPE : 394

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Frais scolaires:

L'histoire de Tonny

Tonny is a boy from Kikoneni, Kenya.

Tonny wants to become a doctor and to build a hospital in his community where people can get free medication.

In his free time, Tonny likes to help other students and sick people.

His mother is unemployed and a single parent as Tonny’s father passed away. He also has 3 younger siblings.

Tonny ranks among the 2% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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“I want to build a fully equipped hospital in my community.”