Rencontrez notre Aiduseeker - Furaha K.

The future journalist develops a new online communication program.
“I want to help communities with problems like insecurity. ”
Furaha est une jeune fille de 15 ans de Magarini, Kenya.
Parents: mother: unemployed, father: unemployed
Ambition: Wants to give people information they could not get before.
Hobby: She loves reading story books, watching news as well playing netball, handball and football
KCPE : 371

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L'histoire de Furaha

Furaha is a girl from Magarini, Kenya.

Furaha wants to become a journalist and develop a new online communication program. Beyond that, she wants to give people information they could not get before and with this improve the security of communities.

As extracurricular activities, Furaha would like to improve her computer skills and learn a foreign language like French or German. In her free time, she loves to read story books, watching news and playing netball, handball and football.

Her parents are both unemployed. She also has two sisters.

Furaha ranks among the 5% best students of her primary school graduation year.

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