Alonzo Greco P., The future computer engineer who will make people's lives easier

“I would like to contribute in making people's lives easier and in helping conserve the environment”
Thanks to the "Daniel und Alexander Nuetzenadel Scholarship I", Alonzo Greco is now in year 1 of the scholarship.
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Alonzo Greco est un garçon de 19 ans de Marikina City, Philippines.

About Alonzo Greco

Alonzo Greco is a boy from Marikina City, Philippines.

Ever since he was a boy, he had always been fascinated with science fiction movies and documentaries on technology. That is why he really wants to know how they work and build them in the future when he becomes a Computer Engineer.

Alonzo’s favorite subjects are Mathematics and Science. He also takes IT classes and learn about reading codes and number systems. He is eager to learn more things so he will be the best computer engineer in the country.

He also dreams of making people’s lives easier and helping in environment conservation through his work.

Alonzo wants to inspire future generations in teaching that problems should not hinder them from victory but they should look at them as a path to try to strive harder until they reach their goals.

He is an active member of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and is also a guitarist in Pathfinder’s Organization, a club where they share the word of God to other students. He also participated in their class project where they helped the community through tutorials, feeding programs, and street sweeping. In this project, his teacher has seen his cooperation with others and his potential for leadership
His father is a Customs Representative while her mother is a Customer Acquisition Specialist. He has 2 younger siblings.

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