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Danilo G., The excellent practitioner and scientist

“I have chosen to become an ophthalmologist because this is the best way I know to render my services to our fellow men.”
Thanks to the "Jager Steiner Scholarship", Danilo has now successfully completed school.
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Danilo is a 22 year old boy from Manila, Philippines.

About Danilo

Danilo is a boy from Manila, Philippines.

He strives to be an excellent specialist for eye problems and found his own organisation helping people with eye problems. As extracurricular activities, he engages in the Red Cross, the boy scouts and the environment club.

Danilo has excelled in various contests and received numerous awards. His favorite subjects are Mathematics and Science.

He is a half-orphan with three brothers and sisters. His mother works as a school service operator.

Danilo ranks among the 10% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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“I want to tell the kids that success does not come on a silver plate.”

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