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Leonor E., the chemical engineer that serves her community.

“I want to share the spirit of voluntarism.”
Thanks to the "Tarom-Scholarship", Leonor has now successfully completed school.
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Leonor is a 23 year old girl from Manila, Philippines.

About Leonor

Leonor is a girl from Manila, Philippines.

She aims at becoming an excellent chemical engineer. It’s dear to her to give back to her community and also to encourage the people around her to volunteer for a better Philippines.

She lost her father and is living together with her brother with their mother who repairs watches for a living (small shop).

She has started stuyding Chemisty and Mechanical Engineering on a scholarship at Ateneo de Manila University.

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“I make sure that the service facilities are installed and giving the youth the chance to use their talents to earn their living.”

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