Profile of - James J.

The future doctor who saves lives.
“I want to help pregnant women delivering their children. ”
James is a 15 year old boy from Budalangi, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: unemployed / Father: disappered
Ambition: Wants to work hard to save the lives of his patients.
Hobby: Social work
KCPE : 362

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James 's Story

James is a boy from Budalangi, Kenya.

James is very passionate about helping others. In his free time, he likes to volunteer as a social worker. His passion to help others probably also inspired his career ambition to become a doctor. James wants to work hard and study medicine. His dream is to save the lives of car accident victims and pregnant women.

His parents are both unemployed. James is the oldest out of 5 siblings.

James ranks among the top 10% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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