Profile of - Samson O.

The future farmer who ends hunger in Kenya.
“I want to work with dignity and ensure we produce good quality food that feeds our whole country.”
Samson is a 13 year old boy from Budalangi, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: peasant farmer / Father: fisherman
Ambition: Wants to improve food production and win the Nobel Peace Prize.
Hobby: Reading
KCPE : 375
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Samson 's Story

Samson is an exceptional boy from Budalangi, Kenya.

Samson knows that his dream to become a farmer is very unusual for a young Kenyan, as most of his peers of this generation want to become white-collar workers. But Samson understands that a child who is hungry cannot study and therefore, he wants to end hunger in Kenya. But Samson does not just want to become a regular farmer, he wants to study agriculture in Scotland, return to Kenya and revolutionize Kenya’s agriculture industry. Samson is determined to produce enough food to end hunger in Kenya.

In his free time, Samson loves to read story books and journals.

His father is a fisherman and his mother is a farmer. He is the oldest out of 4 siblings.

Samson ranks among the 5% best students of his primary school graduation year.