Profile of - Furghuson W.

The future engineer and inventor of a recycling machine.
“I want to be an engineer to help my country prosper.”
Furghuson is a 15 year old boy from Budalangi, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: housewife / Father: fisherman
Ambition: Wants to become an engineer, invent recycling machines and build schools.
Hobby: Football
KCPE : 367

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Furghuson 's Story

Furghuson is boy from Budalangi Kenya.

Furghuson has many talents and big dreams. He does not only want to study engineering and become a government contractor to ensure the quality of the roads built in Kenya, he also wants to invent a machine which recycles plastic waste and build multiple schools in his village.

As extracurricular activities, Furghuson loves to play football and is active in the student leadership team.

Furghuson has 4 siblings. His father is a fisherman, his mother is housewife.

Furghuson was born into a family without the financial means to pay for his education and it is only thanks to his headteacher, who allowed him to continue to sit in his class without paying fees, that Furghuson finished his primary school education as one of the top 10% of the students in Kenya.

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