Profile of - Nedi M.

The future accountant that loves the numbers.
“I want to do everything with love, honesty, respect and integrity.”
Nedi is a 14 year old girl from Kongowea, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: unemployed / Father: casual laborer
Ambition: Wants to become an accountant and mentor other people on money matters.
Hobby: Football, rope skipping, athletics, helping other people
KCPE : 398

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Nedi's Story

Nedi is a girl from Kongowea, Kenya.

She wants to become an accountant and mentor people on how to deal with money matters. Beyond that, she wants to set an example of success and giving back to society. She wants to do everything with love, honesty, respect and integrity. He is determined to help the needy people in his community.

As extracurricular activities, Nedi likes to play football and rope skipping. In her free time, she also likes to help other people like the needy and elderly.

Her father is a casual laborer, and her mother is unemployed. She also has 3 younger siblings.

Nedi ranks among the 2% best students of her primary school graduation year.

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