Profile of - Mark K.

The future agricultural officer that improves farming.
“I want to build a home for children and the elderly.”
Mark is a 12 year old boy from Madamani, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: disappeared / Father: unemployed
Ambition: Wants to study agribusiness and get employed by the government.
Hobby: Reading, football
KCPE : 402

Award a scholarship!

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Mark 's Story

Mark is a boy from Madamani, Kenya.

He wants to become an agricultural officer and to improve the quality of farming by using and teaching the newest methods.
Beyond that, he wants to build a home for children and a home for the elderly. Furthermore, he wants to start a scholarship program for the less privileged people.

As extracurricular activities, Mark likes to play football. In his free time, he also likes to read.

His parents are both unemployed and taking care of Mark and his 3 younger siblings.

Mark ranks among the 1% best students of his primary school graduation year.