Haida K., The future oncologist who fights blood cancer.

“I want to become an oncologist because I always hated seeing people suffering from blood cancer.”
Thanks to the "Rotary Club Appenzell-Alpstein-Scholarship", Haida is now in year 1 of the scholarship.
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Haida is a 16 year old girl from Malindi, Kenya.

About Haida

Haida is a girl from Malindi, Kenya.

She wants to become an oncologist and research on the organism causing blood cancer. She wantrs to find a way of preventing it and find a cure to the disease. After retiring she wants to sponsor people who want to study medicine but don’t have the money for it, to help creating a new generation of oncologists.

As extracurricular activities, Haida loves reading novels and playing football. In high school she would like to learn how to play chess.

The mother of Haida is a single mum to four children and can’t afford Haida’s school fees.

Haida ranks among the 1% best students of her primary school graduation year – well done Haida!

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