Profile of - Talia E.

The hard-working future scientist and inventor.
“I am amazed how science works and attracted to gadgets connected to science.”
Talia is a 14 year old girl from Bukhalalire, Kenya.
Parents: The parents are both businesspeople but currently unemployed
Ambition: Wants to invent a gadget that could help people travel easily.
Hobby: Reading books, netball
KCPE : 406

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Talia's Story

Talia is a girl from Bukhalalire, Kenya.

She wants to become a scientist. As our environment constantly gets polluted by fumes, she wants to invent a gadget that is environmentally friendly and fast. The gadget would be charged by solar power and could teleport people to any destination within a minute.

As extracurricular activities Talia likes reading books and playing netball. In high school she would love to learn how to handle chemicals in the laboratory.

Her father and mother are at the moment both unemployed, working normally in business. She has three siblings who are all still in primary school.

Talia ranks among the 1% best students of her primary school graduation year – well done Talia!

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