Profile of - Shalom K.

The future scientist who develops free medicine.
“I want to give my medicine for free so that everyone can use it, regardless of their financial means.”
Shalom is a 14 year old girl from Pesi, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:casual labourer / Father:disappeared
Ambition: Wants to study medicine and find a cure for HIV.
Hobby: Drawing, football
KCPE : 389

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Shalom's Story

Shalom is a girl from Pesi, Kenya.

Shalom is a bright young girl and she has big dreams. She is fascinated by science subjects and especially interested in medicine. Her biggest dream is to study medicine one day and become a bio-medical researcher. As a bio-medical researcher she wants to accomplish nothing less than finding a cure for HIV.

In her free time, Shalom likes to draw and to play football.

Shaloms headteacher describes her as an eager student and states, that her family does not have the means to afford secondary education for Shalom.

Shaloms mother works as a casual laborer wherever she finds work. Her father left the family.

Besides the difficult circumstances Shalom was born into, she ranks among the top 3% best students of her primary school graduation year.

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