Profile of - Jemimah Mae I.

The future civil engineer who will solve the traffic problem of the Philippines.
“I can see myself improving the lives of other people by working hard to be able to help for the enhancement of our country and by using my talent, skills, and knowledge to contribute to our developing country.”
Jemimah Mae is a 18 year old girl from Quezon City, Philippines.
Parents: Mother: teacher
Ambition: Wants to be a civil engineer and build bridges and roads to improve the lives of Filipinos.
Hobby: Reading books, playing the guitar
Favorite subjects: English, Mathematics

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Jemimah Mae's Story

Jemimah Mae is a girl from Quezon City, Philippines.

She wants to become a civil engineer in the future to create structures to alleviate the traffic situation in the country. She also dreams of having a complete family of her own in the future.

As extracurricular activities, she enjoys reading books and playing the guitar.

Jemimah loves studying English and Mathematics because she loves how to imagine things while reading a book and she feels satisfaction in being able to solve a Math problem.

Her mother is a teacher and a single parent. Jemimah Mae has no siblings.

She finished her Junior High School as part of the top 10 besting almost 400 other students.

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