Profile of - Brentzion Javewyn A.

The future engineer of the community.
“When I have established a good reputation for my family and have been part of my community's progress and development, then I can proudly say that I have used the talents God has given me for a purpose here on earth.”
Brentzion Javewyn is a 17 year old boy from Quezon City, Philippines.
Parents: Mother: government employee, father: government employee
Ambition: Wants to be an engineer and build a structure beneficial for his community.
Hobby: Mountain biking, listening to music, surfing the internet
Favorite subjects: English, Mathematics, Electronics

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Brentzion Javewyn's Story

Brentzion Javewyn is a boy from Quezon City, Philippines.

He wants to either be a mechanical or be an electronic engineer in the future to help his family and to build a structure that would help his community in the future.

In this free time, he enjoys mountain biking, listening to music, and surfing the internet for things that are related to electronics. He also enjoys his father in repairing things and turning them into something useful.

His favorite subjects are English, Mathematics, and Electronics.

Both of Brentzion’s parents are government employees and he has an older brother.

He ranks among the 10% of the top students upon his graduation in Junior High School.

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