Profile of - Vida Angelyn J.

The future accountant with a heart to help.
“I want to share my knowledge and skills to the people around me.”
Vida Angelyn is a 18 year old girl from Marikina City, Philippines.
Parents: Mother: housewife, father: tricycle driver
Ambition: Wants to be a certified public accountant and help her countrymen in the future.
Hobby: Watching movies, reading books, doing calligraphy and watercolor painting
Favorite subjects: Mathematics, Social Studies, Filipino Language, Music, Arts, Physical Education
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Vida Angelyn's Story

Vida Angelyn is a girl from Marikina City Philippines.

She dreams of becoming a certified public accountant in the future to better the life of her family and to share her knowledge and skills to help other people.

During her free time, she reads books, watches movies, and does calligraphy and watercolor painting.

She enjoys studying Mathematics, Social Studies, Filipino Language, and Music, Arts, and Physical education because she likes solving difficult problems and exploring more things through art.

Vida’s mother is a housewife while his father is a tricycle driver. She has two siblings.

She received a With Honors award in Junior High School.

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