Profile of - Stephen Kent O.

The future senator for the people.
“As a senator, I will fight for the rights and I will serve as the voice of the less fortunate people in our country.”
Stephen Kent is a 18 year old boy from San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines.
Parents: mother: self-employed
Ambition: Wants to serve the Filipino people by becoming a senator.
Hobby: Reading, watching movies, and hanging out with his family
Favorite subjects: Science, Arts, Philosophy, Religion

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Stephen Kent's Story

Stephen Kent is a boy from San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines.

He wants to become a senator in the future and serve the Filipino people. He wants to focus on education, agriculture, environment protection, gender equality, and human rights.

In his free time, Stephen Kent reads science articles and manga, watches movies, and hangs out with his family.

His favorite subject are Science, Arts, and Philosophy and Religion.

He and his younger brother is raised by their self-employed mother.

Stephen Kent completed junior high school ranking 6th out of 1168 students.

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