Profile of - Mwamize K.

The future accountant that strives to help others.
“Sometimes I did not have money for a transport to get to the school, but this did not shatter my dreams. ”
Mwamize is a 15 year old girl from Kikambala, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:housewife, father:casual labourer
Ambition: Wants to provide for her family and assist her community in education.
Hobby: Reading novels, drawing
KCPE : 364

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Mwamize's Story

Mwamize is a girl from Kikambala, Kenia.

She wants to become an accountant and find a job in a bank. Mwamize hopes that this in a long run will enable her to support her family and community. Her plan is to provide scholarships for aspiring future students in Kenya and fight against illiterate.

In her spare time, Mwamize usually reads novels, draws or sings her favorite songs.

Mwamize has 3 siblings. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a casual laborer.

She ranks among the best 10% of her primary school graduation year.

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