Profile of - Habiba R.

The future doctor that wants to help her loved ones.
“I want to open and help build hospitals.”
Habiba is a 17 year old girl from Mwamleka, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:farmer, father:farmer
Ambition: Wants to excel in her studies so that she can take care of her family.
Hobby: Singing,dancing,reading storybooks and playing legball
KCPE : 366

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Habiba 's Story

Habiba is a girl from Mwamleka, Kenya.

She desires to become a doctor. Seeing a lot of pain and disease around her, especially in her family and her relatives, she wants to excel in her studies and her profession so that she can help her family and everybody else.

In her free time, Habiba very much enjoys swimming and dancing. When she’s not out and about pursuing physical activities, she likes to read story books and novels.

The daughter of two farmers, she and her eight siblings regularly help out on the farm.

Habiba ranks among the 10% of best students of her primary school graduation year.

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