Profile of - Elizabeth M.

The future women's activist fights for the rights of all girls and women.
“I want to abolish FGM and early marriages in Kenya.”
Elizabeth is a 14 year old girl from Gayo, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: teacher, father: casual worker
Ambition: Wants to fight against female genital mutilation caused by circumcising girls.
Hobby: Skipping rope, reading story books, netball, basketball
KCPE : 356

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Elizabeth 's Story

Elizabeth is a girl from Gayo, Kenya.

As a women’s activist, she wants to stand up for the rights of girls. Although it is forbidden by law to circumcise girls, the genital mutilation is still carried out in some regions today. Elizabeth therefore wants to fight for the total abolition of genital mutilation and marriage of underage girls – and as a women’s activist she is willing to give everything she has to do that.

In her spare time, she likes to play netball, basketball or skipping rope. She also loves reading stories.

Her mother is a teacher and her father a casual laborer. She also has a younger sister.

Elizabeth has completed elementary school among the 10% best performing students of her year.

Student Reaction:

Father to Elizabeth,“Thank you so much aiducation international,I am really happy”

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