Profile of - Aisha A.

The future doctor and head of a clinic for the needy.
“Hard work always pays off, I'll fight to achieve my dream.”
Aisha is a 15 year old girl from Swabrina, Kenya.
Parents: mother:unemployed,father:businessman
Ambition: Wants to study medicine to set up a clinic in her village.
Hobby: reciting Quran,going for nature walks,reading storybooks and debating.
KCPE : 357

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Aisha's Story

Aisha is a girl from Swabrina, Kenya.

Aisha wants to go to secondary school to study medicine and become a doctor. As a doctor, she wants to return to her village and build a clinic that offers free treatment for the needy. Aisha herself says that her school days were very difficult. Often she was not allowed to attend school because her parents could not afford the school fees. But she did not let it get her down and continued learning at home.

She loves to spend her free time walking in nature, reciting the Koran, singing and reading books.

Your teachers describe you as an exemplary and hard-working student.

Her mother is unemployed and her father sells juices. She is the oldest of seven siblings.

Although she was often unable to attend school, she completed elementary school among the 10% best performing students of her year.

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“I want to freely treat those who cannot afford medical care.”