Profile of - Deborah S.

The future doctor that will treat poor people.
“I want to start a free clinic so that hospitals do not get congested and people don't die from curable diseases.”
Deborah is a 16 year old girl from Kafulani, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:tailor, father:sells herbal medicine
Ambition: Wants to become a doctor to help sick people in her community.
Hobby: Playing music, listening to music, reading storybooks
KCPE : 357

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Deborah 's Story

Deborah is a young girl from Kafulani, Kenya.

She wants to become a doctor so that she can help the sick people in her country. She wants to fill the gap that is created in her community due to shortages of doctors.

She loves to play and listen to music in her free time. Reading books is also another hobby. She wants to learn art and designing when she goes to secondary school.

Her father sells herbal medicines and her mother is a tailor. She also has 9 siblings.

Deborah is among the top 10% of the best students in her primary school graduation year.

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