Profile of - Mercy I.

The future farmer who wants to ensure food for all.
“I want to make irrigation systems in a way that food production does not suffer and no one has to go hungry.”
Mercy is a 16 year old girl from Mabirikani, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:househelper, father:disappeared (parents are divorced)
Ambition: Wants to make sure that the agricultural sector develops in pace with the changes in the climate.
Hobby: Reading storybooks,dancing, listening to music
KCPE : 360

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Mercy 's Story

Mercy is a young girl from Mabirikani.

She wants to become a farmer working on sustainable irrigation systems such that agriculture is sustainable and hunger is taken care of in her country. She does not want people of her country to suffer because of droughts.

She loves to listen to music, read books and watch movies. She also enjoys playing volleyball in her free time. In secondary school, she wants to learn more about agriculture.

The whereabouts of her father is not known but her mother works as a household help. Mercy also has two siblings.

Mercy ranks among the 10% students of the primary school year.

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