Profile of - Bahati T.

The future lawyer who will prevent corruption for his clients.
“I want to prevent people from taking bribes and ensure that corruption is removed.”
Bahati is a 19 year old girl from Mzaheni, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:housewife, father:tailor
Ambition: Wants to become a lawyer so that he can educate people about the law.
Hobby: Reading storybooks
KCPE : 370

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Bahati 's Story

Bahati is a young boy from Mzaheni.

He wants to become a lawyer who works hard to ensure that people know about the law of the land and are not exploited due to corruption.

He loves to read books in his free time. Amongst games, his favorite is playing football.

Both his parents are unemployed and he also has 6 siblings.

Bahati ranks among the top 10% students of his primary school year.

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