Profile of - Rehema F.

The future president will be the first female president in Kenya.
“I want to surprise Africa by becoming the first female president of my country. ”
Rehema is a 16 year old girl from Kipini, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:mango seller, father:bodaboda driver (motorbike)
Ambition: Wants to become a caring and trustworthy president and help everyone in need.
Hobby: Reading storybooks,netball, handball
KCPE : 386

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Rehema 's Story

Rehema is a 16 years old girl from Kenya’s Coast Province of Kipini.

She wants to become the first female president of Kenya and aspires to set an example of uncorrupt, caring and trustworthy politician. “I’ll not let anyone go through the suffering I had to experience in my life,” – says Rehema in her application. Her second career choice is accounting. She hopes to get enough money through accounting in order to assist fellow children in education.

In her free time Rehema likes to read story books and to play netball and handball.

Rehema has six siblings. Her mother is a mango seller and her father is a boda boda (a bicycle or a motorcycle taxis commonly used in East Africa) rider.

Due to her hard work and high motivation Rehema managed to rank among the top 3% of her primary school graduation year. She believes that nothing is impossible in this world if you invest in education.

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