Profile of - Rehema C.

The future teacher and women's rights leader.
“No girl child remains at home while others are going to school.”
Rehema is a 15 year old girl from Dzitsoni, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:fish seller, father:hawker
Ambition: Wants to ensure that all children have an opportunity for an education.
Hobby: Reading storybooks, storytelling, singing
KCPE : 374

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Rehema's Story

Rehema is a girl from Kilifi, Kenya who wants to become a teacher to help children, particular girls, in her community obtain an education. She sees the disadvantages and challenges that girls face and envisions a world where no girl is left behind.

As extracurricular activities, Rehema likes to read and sing, and also enjoys football and netball. In secondary school she hopes to be able to learn cooking and tailoring.

Her parents are both currently unemployed, her father sold water and her mother fish. She has 7 siblings.

Rehema is strong academically, ranking among the 5% best students of her primary school graduation year.

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