Profile of - Jayson O.

The future environmentalist that is concerned about our planet.
“I want to build houses with recycled plastic to protect the environment.”
Jayson is a 14 year old boy from Mtwapa, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:unemployed, father:driver for a hotel
Ambition: Wants to be an environmentalist and work with recycled plastc.
Hobby: Reading storybooks, watching movies
KCPE : 377

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Jayson's Story

Jayson is a boy from Mtwapa, Kenya.

He would like to be an environmentalist and solve the problems of housing in Kenya. He thinks that people have been destroying the earth by digging quarries and cutting down trees in order to build a house. To decrease the usage of wood, Jayson`s idea is to use recycled plastic for building houses.

Outside school Jayson likes to read fiction and watch movies.

His father is a driver in a local hotel and his mother is unemployed. He also has 4 siblings.

Jayson ranks among the top 5% of students of his primary school graduation year.

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