Profile of - Athman O.

The future engineer who passes on his skills.
“I want to invent a phone charging with solar rays. ”
Athman is a 14 year old boy from Kisumu Ndogo, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: shopkeeper, father: unknown
Ambition: Wants to become a creative engineer who improves communication and teaches the youth.
Hobby: Reading storybooks, playing football and volleyball
KCPE : 400

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Athman 's Story

Athman is a boy from Kisumu Ndogo, Kenya.

As a structural engineer he wants to improve transportation and communication networks. He dreams of powering mobile phones with solar energy. Later in life he wants to transmit his engineering skills to the youth so they can make their own things and gain a perspective.

In his free time Athman likes to read and play sports.

He is the son of the shopkeeper Salama and does not know his father. He also has 3 brothers and sisters.

Athman ranks among the top 1% of students in his primary school graduation year.

Student Reaction:

Mother to Athman,“I really want to thank God for this because I am a single parent and paying fees would have been a challenge”

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