Profile of - Rama M.

The future pilot engineer who brings his village food and water.
“I want to design aircrafts.”
Rama is a 15 year old boy from Kokotoni, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: unemployed, father: unemployed
Ambition: Wants to become a pilot engineer and bring a shop and water to his village.
Hobby: Cooking and watching movies
KCPE : 350

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Rama 's Story

Rama is a boy from Kokotoni, Kenya.

He wants to become a pilot engineer to build aircrafts, and use the learnings to make a car go at extra speed. Or a criminal investigator to pursue criminals that live freely. After retirement he wants to bring a market and large water tank to his village as the government is not stepping in.

In his free time Rama likes to cook and watch movies.

His parents are both unemployed. He has 2 siblings.

Rama ranks among the top 10% of students in his primary school graduation year.

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