Profile of - Luka N.

The future financial consultant who brings light into the dark.
“I want to help people with their finances.”
Luka is a 16 year old boy from Taveta, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: cook, father: unknown
Ambition: Wants to become a financial consultant and help those who want to start a business.
Hobby: Reading storybooks and playing football
KCPE : 350

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Luka's Story

Luka is a boy from Taveta, Kenya.

As a financial consultant he wants to help people who want to start a business or invest money, so they can improve their earnings. He would love to have his own business.

In his free time Luka likes to read and play football.

His mother is a single mom and works as a cook. Luka doesn’t know his father. He has a younger sister. Used to studying under a dim light, in his future job surely, he will bring light into the dark for many others.

Luka ranks among the top 10% of students in his primary school graduation year.

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