Profile of - Samson S.

The future entrepreneur that will reduces unemployment.
“I want to create employment opportunities.”
Samson is a 17 year old boy from Langobaya, Kenya.
Parents: Mother: unemployed, father: unemployed
Ambition: Wants to create jobs for others as an entrepreneur and support local businesses.
Hobby: Reading storybooks
KCPE : 391

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Samson's Story

Samson is a boy from Langobaya, Kenya.

As an entrepreneur he dreams of creating employment opportunities and of serving people both in Kenya and abroad. He also wants to help fellow villagers running their own businesses by supplying goods.

In his free time Samson likes to read storybooks.

Both of his parents are unemployed. He also has 2 older and 3 younger siblings. His parents can currently only support their oldest son in continuing school beyond the primary level.

Samson ranks among the top 2% of students in his primary school graduation year.

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