Profile of - Bernard K.

The future doctor that helps victims from accidents.
“I would like to become a doctor and save lives by first aiding the victims in accidents occurring around me.”
Bernard is a 17 year old boy from Langobaya, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:small scale farmer, father:small scale farmer
Ambition: Wants to save lives of those around him.
Hobby: Reading books, football and basketball
KCPE : 395

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Bernard's Story

Bernard is a boy from Langobaya, Kenya.

He wants to become a doctor to save lives. He has witnessed many accidents in his community, and wants to make a difference by being able to provide first aid in those instances.

As extracurricular activities, Bernard enjoys reading and playing football and basketball.

Both of his parents are small scale farmers, and he is 1 of 5 children.

Bernard is very strong academically, ranking among the top 2% best students of his primary school graduation year.

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