Profile of - Grace Y.

Future teacher who wants to make sure inspired students achieve their goals.
“I want to help children become great people for our country.”
Grace is a 15 year old girl from Kizingo, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:housewife, father:unemployed
Ambition: Wants to be a guiding light to young students.
Hobby: She likes to read novels and to swim
KCPE : 361

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Grace 's Story

Grace is a girl from Kizingo, Kenya.

She wants to become a teacher so that she can be a positive influence on the student’s lives to make the future of the country brighter. She wants to inspire them and help them to achieve their dreams.

She loves reading novels and swimming. She also aspires to learn how to play badminton and table tennis when she goes to high school.

Both her parents are unemployed and she has one older brother.

Grace belongs to the top 10% of the students in her country.

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