Profile of - Johnstone M.

The future social worker who will reduce crime in the country.
“I want to make sure there is no crime in our society.”
Johnstone is a 16 year old boy from Kaloleni, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:deceased,father:deceased
Ambition: Wants to make sure that jobs are created for people so that they don't resort to crime.
Hobby: He loves to play volleyball, rugby and football
KCPE : 357

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Johnstone's Story

Johnstone is a boy from Kaloleni, Kenya.

He wants to be a social worker who helps others find jobs and reduce crimes through hard work and by working with the government.

He loves playing different games such as rugby, football and volleyball. When he goes to secondary school, he would love to play netball as well.

Unfortunately, both parents of Johnstone’s are already deceased. Johnstone and his other 3 siblings live with a guardian.

Johnstone is amongst the 10% of the pupils in his school.

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