Profile of - Brian W.

The future surveyor who will crusade for poor farmers.
“I will make sure that no one loses their land because they don't have title deeds.”
Brian is a 15 year old boy from Busia, Kenya.
Parents: Mother:housewife,father:casual labourer
Ambition: Wants to ensure that people don't get cheated out of their land due to lack of title deeds.
Hobby: Drawing,playing football,reading storybooks and newspapers
KCPE : 384

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Brian's Story

Brian is from Nairobi, Kenya.

He wants to become a surveyor and help people by securing the land they own. He is convinced that it is his destiny to fight for the farmers.

He loves to play basketball and football. He is interested in developing his artistic skills when he goes to school.

His father is a laborer and his mother a housewife. Since he couldn’t pay his school fees, he had dropped out of school but was recalled to the school due to his brilliant performance.

Brian ranks among the top 3% of the students in his country.

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